Collection layout and appearance

You can edit a collection's name or description, change its featured image, or change the display order of its products. If you've created custom templates for your collection page, then you can also use a different template. Before you update a collection, you can check the top of the page to see if another staff might also be making changes to the same collection.

Change the name or description of a collection

Change the sort order for the products in a collection

When a collection is displayed in an online store, the products in that collection appear in the sort order that you've selected. Products are sorted alphabetically by product title by default.

You can select from a few sorting options:

  • Best selling product, based on the all-time number of orders that include the product. If you haven't sold any products yet, then this option sorts your products from newest to oldest.
  • Product title, in alphabetical order or reverse alphabetical order.
  • Highest or lowest product price.
  • Newest or oldest product, based on the date that the product was created.
  • Manual, based on your own preferences.


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