FAQs about NFTs on Shopify

Use this page to find answers to frequently asked questions about NFTs on Shopify.

Do I need to be an approved seller of NFTs on Shopify to enable tokengated commerce?

Tokengating is available for all merchants to enable on their Shopify stores. Learn more about tokengating apps.

To sell an NFT through your Shopify store using Shopify Payments, you need to be an approved seller of NFTs.

How do I become approved to sell NFTs on Shopify?

If you're a Shopify merchant based in an eligible region, then you can apply to become an approved seller of first-party, primary NFTs by enabling one of Shopify's minting app partners on your online store.

Learn more about the eligibility requirements to distribute NFTs through your Shopify store.

Being an approved seller of NFTs enables the sale of first-party, primary NFTs using Shopify Payments through your Shopify storefront or the Storefront API. Secondary sales or resales of NFTs aren't permitted.

What's the difference between a primary sale and a secondary sale?

Primary sales are the first or initial sale of the NFT. An example of a primary sale is when the NFT is created and sold by a merchant, and minted directly into the customer's wallet.

Secondary sales are peer-to-peer sales that typically happen on secondary marketplaces.

When will NFT sales through Shopify Payments be supported in my region?

Shopify is actively working toward expanding the NFT sale program. Be sure to periodically check the help page about selling NFTs for updates and new details.

Which blockchains are supported?

Learn more about Shopify's app partners and their supported blockchains.

What are the costs associated with selling NFTs through Shopify?

Shopify treats NFTs the same as any other product, including credit card processing fees through Shopify Payments.

The tokengating, airdropping, and distribution apps charge additional fees for their services. The fees are determined by the app partner.

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