Tracking and adjusting inventory

Set up inventory tracking

Before you can view or adjust inventory levels for a product, you need to set up inventory tracking for the product. After tracking is set up, an inventory history is available for 90 days.


View your product inventory

You can view the inventory counts for your product variants on the Inventory page.

You can also view product inventory on the Products page, which shows a combined inventory count for all the variants of each product.

Adjust inventory levels

You can change the inventory count for product variants on the Inventory page.

If you manage inventory across multiple locations, then see Changing inventory quantities by location.


  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Products > Inventory.

  2. Under Update quantity, change the inventory count:

    • To adjust the count, click Add and enter a number. You can use a negative number to subtract from the inventory.
    • To set a new total inventory count, click Set and enter a number.

    The new total is shown under Quantity.

  3. Click Save.

View a product's inventory history

If you are using Shopify to track a product's inventory, then you can view the history of its inventory adjustments. If the product has variants, then you can view the inventory history for each variant that is being tracked, but you can't view the inventory history for all of the variants at once.

You can view only the last 90 days of inventory history for a product or variant.

When you view the inventory history for a product or variant, you see the following information about inventory adjustments:

  • Date - the date of each adjustment
  • Event - the event that caused the adjustment, such as a transfer or an order
  • Adjusted by - the staff member who made the adjustment
  • Adjustment - the quantity of the adjustment change, negative or positive
  • Quantity - the inventory quantity after the adjustment


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