Assigning inventory to locations

If your store has multiple locations, then the inventory at each location is shown on the Inventory page, the inventory bulk editor, inventory CSV, and the details page of each product.

When you create a product, the product is stocked at all locations by default. You can change the list of locations that stock the product and adjust the inventory levels of the product at each location, with the following constraints:

  • All products need to be stocked at a minimum of one location.
  • You can’t unstock products from locations that have unfulfilled orders or transfers that require inventory of that product.

If you need to update the inventory quantities for a large number of products across locations, then use a CSV file.

Change the list of locations that stock a product

If you remove a location from the list of locations that stock a product, the inventory quantity at that location will be deleted.


Stock products at locations by using the bulk editor

You can change the locations that stock a product by using the bulk editor on the Inventory page.


  1. Go to Products > Inventory.

  2. Select the location that stocks the products you want to change. Products that are not stocked at a location don't show up in that location's inventory list.

  3. Check the products that you want to change.

  4. Click Edit variants.

  5. In the bulk editor, click Add fields and add fields for the locations where you want to stock the products.

  6. In the cells of the bulk editor, check or uncheck Stock at this location. You can also update the quantities by clicking on the inventory amount at each location.

  7. Click Save.

Learn more about bulk editing products and variants. The instructions for products also apply to bulk editing of inventory.

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