Adding and updating products

You can add or update information about a product such as its price, variants, and availability from the Products page in your Shopify admin.

If you want to save specialized information or files for your products, then you can add custom fields to your product pages by using metafields. If you have an Online Store 2.0 theme, then you can add references to your product Metafields through the theme editor.

Add a new product


Duplicate a product

To save time when you add a new product, you can duplicate a similar product. If you want to add options to an existing product, such as color or size, then add a variant to the product instead of duplicating the product.

When you duplicate a product, you have the option to copy one or more of the following product details:

  • images
  • SKUs
  • barcodes
  • inventory quantity

If you leave the options unselected, then these product details are left blank in the duplicate. Other product details except 3D models and videos are copied from the original to the duplicate.

By default, the duplicate product's status is set as draft, and hidden on all your channels and apps. The duplicated product isn't available to sales channels until you change its status as active. You have the option to make the duplicate available to the same channels and apps as the original product. In this case, depending on the sales channel, the duplicate product may be published immediately after it's created.


Edit a product

After you've created products, you can edit them to change their descriptions, prices, and any other product details.

Although you can change your product details at any time, the changes can affect your reports. For information on how the changes can affect the way that products appear and are grouped in your reports, see Changes to product details.

Saved changes take effect immediately in your online store. Before you update a product, you can check the top of the page to see if another staff might also be making changes to the same product.


Including and excluding products from your sales channels

You can control where you are selling a product by including it in your active sales channels. If you decide to exclude a product from a particular sales channel, then it will be hidden from that channel. You might hide a product from a sales channel for a variety of reasons:

  • You have seasonal products that you want to display for only part of the year.
  • A product is out of stock but you will have more in stock at a later date.
  • You don't want to sell a product, but you might offer it again later.
  • You want to offer online exclusive, or in-store exclusive products.
  • You don't want to sell a product using a particular sales channel.

Add or remove tags

Tags are searchable keywords associated with your product. Tags can help customers find your product through your online store search, and you can also use them to create automated collections.

You can apply up to 250 tags to each product.

For more information about tags, see Tag formats.

Add tags

To add a tag:

Remove tags

To remove tags from a product:

Edit a search engine listing preview

You can edit the way that a product appears in search results on the product's details page:

  1. In the Search engine listing preview section, click Edit website SEO.

  2. In the Page title field, enter a descriptive title. This title will display as a link in search engine results. You can enter up to 55 characters in the title.

  3. Enter a description for the search engine listing. Make sure to include relevant keywords to help new customers find your link, and to include your business name. You can enter up to 320 characters in the description.

  1. In the URL and handle section, you can edit the web address. In most cases, you won't need to make changes to the web address. If you do make changes, then make sure that you set up URL redirects from the old web address. The URL can't contain any spaces. Handles are used in theme design.

  2. Click Save.

Scan a barcode with your device's camera

You can use the Shopify app to enter a barcode for a product by scanning it with your mobile device's camera.

To scan a barcode with your device's camera:

Archive a product

If you no longer want to display a product in your online store, but you don’t want to permanently delete the product, then you can archive the product instead. You can archive a single product, or archive multiple products at the same time using a bulk action. If you archive a product, then the product is moved to the Archived tab of the Products page.

To archive a product:

If you want to locate an archived product in your Shopify admin, then click Products and select the Archived tab. To unarchive a product, click the product in the Archived tab, and then click Unarchive product.

Delete a product

You can delete a single product, or delete multiple products at the same time using a bulk action. When you delete a product, it's permanently removed from Shopify. Deleted products can't be restored. If you run out of stock or no longer want to display a product for any reason, but don’t want to permanently delete it from your store, then you can archive the product instead.

To permanently delete a product:

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