Undo a transfer

If you create a transfer or receive items by mistake, then you need to either delete the transfer, adjust the quantities received in the transfer, or manually adjust the inventory of your product to account for the mistake.

Undo actions for an unreceived transfer

If you haven't received any inventory for that transfer, then you can open the transfer on the Transfers page and make any changes that you want on the transfer.

  • If you want to adjust quantities, then you can click the arrows or manually enter the correct quantity in the Quantity column of the Add products section.

  • If you want to delete a product in the transfer, click the X next to the product that you want to delete, and then click Update inventory transfer.

  • If you want to delete the transfer, then click More actions > Delete transfer.

Undo actions for a received transfer

If you already received any inventory for that transfer, including Partially received transfers, then you can't delete or adjust the quantities in a transfer.

  • If you want to undo the quantities that you received, then open the transfer you want to change, click Receive inventory, and then manually enter negative quantities or click the down arrow to deduct from the amount you previously received.

  • If you're no longer expecting to receive a transfer and you want to cancel the remaining amounts, then open the transfer that you want to change and click Receive inventory > Reject all unreceived to reject all of the quantities that you haven't received. The transfer is marked as Completed and the incoming quantity for that product is adjusted.

If your origin location is another active store location and you need to change the inventory quantity, then you can manually adjust your inventory.

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