Create an inventory transfer

You can track and receive incoming inventory by creating an inventory transfer in Shopify. Inventory transfers can be used for tracking inventory from suppliers, or between your store locations if you have multiple locations.

You can't create transfers for products that are managed by App and custom fulfillment locations, such as dropshipping apps, third-party logistics services, and custom fulfillment services, unless they allow multi-managed inventory.

Note the difference between a supplier and a vendor:

  • You order your products from a supplier. You can have multiple suppliers.
  • A vendor is associated with the brand of the product, so there can only be one vendor. You specify the vendor in the product's details.

Create a new inventory transfer

You can create new incoming transfers from suppliers or from other active store locations. After you create a transfer, you can view incoming inventory amounts on the product details page under Incoming.


  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Products > Transfers. All of your transfers are displayed on this page.

  2. Click Add transfer.

  3. Optional: In the ORIGIN section, click Select origin and then select the origin location that the inventory is coming from. If you have multiple locations, then the suppliers are listed in the SUPPLIERS section, after the list of locations. You can add a supplier by clicking Create new supplier and then entering your supplier’s name and any other information.

  4. In the DESTINATION section, click Select destination and then select the active location that you want to receive inventory.

  5. In the Add products section, enter or select the products and variants that you want to add to the transfer, and then click Add to transfer.

  6. Under Quantity, enter the quantities for each product in the transfer. If you enter an amount greater than the available product quantity at the origin location, then the inventory quantity at the origin will be a negative number after the transfer is created.

  7. Optional: In the Shipment details section enter the following:

    • a date in the Expected arrival field
    • the Tracking number for that shipment
    • the Shipping carrier. The shipping carrier might automatically be selected based on the tracking number that you entered, and can be manually adjusted.
  8. Optional: If you want to assign a reference number or a tag to the transfer, then enter it in the Additional details section.

  9. Click Save transfer.

Duplicate a transfer

If you're making an inventory transfer with the same items, and from the same origin, then you can duplicate an existing transfer.


  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Products > Transfers.

  2. Click the transfer that you want to duplicate.

  3. Click More actions.

  4. Click Duplicate. The same origin, destination, products, product quantities, and tags are automatically added from the original transfer to the new transfer being created.

  5. Optional: Make the changes you want to the new transfer.

  6. Click Save.

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