Incorporating Shopify Subscriptions into your e-commerce business strategy

Subscriptions offer customers a convenient, personalized, and cost-effective way to purchase desired items regularly, which can transform one-time customers into loyal customers. There are various subscription business models available, each catering to different customer needs and preferences.

Benefits of subscriptions

Subscriptions can offer predictable revenue, increased customer loyalty, and opportunities for cross-selling and upselling:

  • Predictable revenue: Streamline sales forecasting and inventory planning.
  • Increase customer loyalty: Repeat customers spend more and are more cost-effective to retain.
  • Upsell and cross-sell: Regular engagement makes it easier to personalize experiences and market additional products to customers.

Learn more about Shopify Subscriptions to determine your eligibility and if subscriptions are suitable for your business.

Set up subscriptions

There are two ways to set up subscriptions:

Learn more about setting up Shopify Subscriptions.

Subscription billing models

Consider one of the following billing models for your subscriptions:

  • Pay-as-you-go: Customers pay on an ongoing basis. For example, monthly or bi-weekly.
  • Pre-paid: Customers can make a one-time advance payment for a set number of months.

Subscription business model types

Refer to the Shopify blog Unlock Recurring Revenue with a Subscription Business Model to learn more about the benefits of a subscription business model, choosing the right subscription business model, tips for making the subscription business model work for you, and how to start your own subscription business.

Curation or subscription boxesThe most common subscription business model, which seeks to surprise and delight customers by providing them with new items and highly personalized experiencesHigh profit potential, provides personalized experiencesHigh churn, operational complexity
ReplenishmentAllows consumers to automate the purchase of essential items, offering convenience and cost savingsHigher conversion rates, higher retention ratesThin margins
AccessSubscribers pay a monthly fee to obtain lower prices or members-only perksGreater value to the customer, bundling opportunitiesGreater time investment
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