Monitoring Launchpad events

When an event becomes active, you can monitor its progress.


  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Apps > Launchpad.
  2. Click the event you want to monitor.
  3. To view the dashboard, in the Status section, click View event dashboard.

Event status

At the beginning of an event, the event status section lists the actions that occur when the event starts, and the status of each action. When the event ends, the status of actions that occur when the event ends are displayed. The possible statuses are as follows:

Statuses of actions taken by Launchpad
Status Description
Processing A processing action is in progress, and will complete shortly.
Active An active action is currently in effect, and displays the time it became active.
Ended An ended action is one that has been successfully reversed at the conclusion of your event.
Failed A failed action wasn't completed. Failed actions aren't retried. If you see a failed action in your Status section, then perform the failed actions manually.

Event dashboard

You can monitor the progress of an event by viewing the event's real-time analytics in the dashboard. The dashboard starts reporting data when your event begins. The dashboard stops reporting data when the event ends or when the event runs for more than four weeks. An event can run for more than four weeks, but its dashboard is available for only the first four weeks.

This dashboard shows you the following information:

  • total sales, orders placed, and average order values
  • data about the products sold, such as the best selling products and their inventory levels

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