Email tracking and analytics

Open tracking shows you how many emails sent out using Shopify Email are opened by the recipients. Open tracking is enabled by default, and gives you an open rate in the report section of each Shopify Email campaign that you send. Open tracking data shows only the total number of emails that have been opened, and not which recipients opened the email.

Other statistics that are displayed within the report for each email campaign include:

  • The delivery rate, which tells you how many emails were delivered successfully
  • How many subscribers unsubscribed
  • How many subscribers clicked a link within the email
  • How many times the email was reported as spam
  • How many unique visitors your store had from the email
  • How many times a visit to your store from the email resulted in items being added to the cart
  • How many orders were placed by customers visiting your store from the email
  • The dollar amount in sales made from visits to your store from the email

Choose your open tracking option


  1. In your Shopify admin, click Settings.
  2. Click Notifications
  3. In the Email marketing section, choose either Optimize open tracking (recommended), Track all email opens, Ask for consent, or Do not track.
  4. Click Save.

The open tracking options determine how your Shopify store collects analytics for Shopify Email:

  • Optimize open tracking (recommended): Shopify collects the open rates for your email marketing campaigns, and helps to maintain your sender reputation. If you want to balance customer data privacy choices with data reporting, then choose this setting.

  • Track all email opens: The number of subscribers that open your email marketing campaigns, also known as the open rate, is collected. This setting gives you the most detailed open rate reporting.

  • Ask for consent: Subscribers can opt in to tracking by clicking Opt in to email open tracking in the footer of your email marketing campaigns. The amount of subscribers that open your emails, known as the open rate, is reported based on subscribers who opt in, combined with overall email engagement, such as link clicks.

  • Do not track: Your email open rate isn't reported. Other analytics for your email marketing campaigns, such as the number of clicks from subscribers, are still collected.

If a buyer receives an email from you, but visits your store directly using another tab or browser window, or at a later time, instead of clicking a link within the email, then the behaviour isn't reflected in your Shopify Email analytics.

Will customers be able to see who else is getting the email?

No, all other recipient email addresses are hidden.

What does open rate mean?

The open rate is how often people who receive your email open it.

What's a good open rate?

A good open rate ranges from 20% to 22%.

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