App pixels

App pixels are scripts that are installed as part of a third-party app or sales channel. These pixels are created by the app owner, and are set up to use a strict, isolated environment on your store. The isolated environment (called a sandbox) uses Shopify-controlled APIs to collect or retrieve data, reducing the overall impact to the performance, security, and privacy of your website.

Shopify adds only apps to the Customer events page that use the Shopify Web Pixels API. Shopify Web Pixels API is the officially supported way to integrate web pixels. Apps that use the Shopify Web Pixels API offer the most secure, reliable, and performant pixels. An app needs to be installed, and then set up to configure a pixel.

When you install an app that has app pixels, it's your responsibility to know what information these pixels are collecting and to set up the appropriate tools to obtain customer consent prior to the actual collection.

Managing app pixels

Installed app pixels are listed in the Customer events page of your Shopify admin. Click the App pixels tab to view the app pixels installed on your website.

Click the name of the app pixel to load the details page for the app.

You can view the permissions an app or sales channel has in your store. In the pixels manager, click the ... button and select View permissions. A full list of what the app or sales channel has access to and what the app or sales channel can do on your store is displayed.

Transmitting app pixels data

App pixels data can be transmitted using web and server pixels.

Web pixels transfer customer events through the browser to the app owner. This is the standard way most pixels transfer information.

Server pixels transfer customer events through a server to the app owner. Certain app owners have access to server pixels. You can check with the app owner, if they have access to server pixels.

Server pixels have the following benefits:

  • Server pixels can increase the amount of customer events, including checkout events, that are transferred to app owners through a server instead of an intermediary, such as an internet browser.
  • Server pixels can increase the number of events that have attached identification from your store, such as an email address.

When you pair server pixels with web pixels this ensures the maximum amount of customer events to arrive to their destination.

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