Barcode scanners

If you're using Shopify POS for iPad and you're on the Shopify plan or higher, then you can use our supported Bluetooth barcode scanners to quickly enter discount codes and add products to the cart at checkout. The cordless barcode scanners can scan barcodes up to 100 meters away from your iPad, which gives you complete freedom of movement in your retail store.

The models we support are:

1D barcodes versus 2D barcodes

Your choice of barcode scanner depends on whether you want to scan 1D or 2D barcodes. The two types of barcode are easy to tell apart and have different uses.

1D barcodes

1D barcodes are a row of parallel lines of varying thickness:

Shopify POS - barcode example

You can create barcode labels with 1D barcodes for your products, and then use the CHS 7Ci 1D barcode scanner to quickly add products to the Shopify POS cart when you check out a customer:

Shopify POS - barcode scanner label

2D barcodes

2D barcodes are a pattern of black and white blocks arranged in a square:

Shopify POS - 2d barcode example

With Shopify POS, you can use 2D barcodes in a few ways:

  • Scan the barcode of a gift card to add it to the cart when you sell a physical gift card.
  • Scan a physical or paper barcode at checkout when you redeem a gift card.
  • Scan a discount code to apply it to the order.
  • Use the receipt printer to print paper gift cards that have a 2D barcode.
  • Include 2D barcodes on customer receipts so that you can scan them in the future to find the associated order.

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