Compatible hardware for QuickBooks merchants

The hardware that you use for QuickBooks POS might not be compatible with Shopify POS. On this page you can find which hardware is supported by Shopify POS.

Compatible hardware

The following table outlines which Intuit POS hardware is supported by Shopify POS. You might not need every piece of hardware, but a transaction display device and a card reader are minimum requirements to run Shopify POS.

Shopify hardware recommendation for QuickBooks merchants
Hardware typeIntuit hardwareShopify hardware (eligible for promotion)
Card readerIngencio TETRA 5000 Shopify Tap & Chip reader and Shopify Dock for Tap & Chip reader
Tablet standDesktop Eddy tablet stand or Shopify Retail stand
Barcode scannerZebra 2D DS2208Zebra 2D DS2208
Receipt printerStar Micronics TSP143III USB, also referenced as Star Micronics TSP100, Star Micronics TSP100III, or Star Micronics TSP143III Star Micronics TSP143III WIFI and Star Micronics TSP143III Bluetooth
Cash drawerStar Micronics 16" Cash Drawer (CD3)Star Micronics 16" Cash Drawer (CD3)
Label printerZebra ZD410 or Zebra ZD411Zebra ZD421
Transaction displayPOSX XP8200Mobile device (iPad, iPhone, Android phone or tablet)

Receipt printers

Shopify POS doesn't support receipt printers with USB connection, such as the Star Micronics TSP100IIIU (USB) collection printers. If you use an mPOP version receipt printer, then this version is compatible with Shopify POS only when using Bluetooth connection.

You can choose any other TSP143III model receipt printer offered by Shopify. Shopify recommends the Star Micronics TSP143III WIFI receipt printer for seamless and reliable connectivity.

Touch screen cash register

A touch screen cash register is a device, similar to an iPad, that connects to your cash register POS system. A touch screen cash register combines software with hardware and comes with multiple features, such as additional payment methods, inventory synchronization from multiple sales channels, order fulfillment options setup, and more.

If you're switching from a traditional cash register to a touch screen register, then refer to this blog article that explains what a touch screen cash register is and how to use it.

Cash drawer compatibility

If you have an existing Star Micronics 16" Cash Drawer (CD3) that you use with your QuickBooks Desktop POS, then you might not need to buy a new cash drawer. The Star Micronics 16" Cash Drawer (CD3) is compatible with any Star Micronics receipt printers that are in the Shopify Hardware store.

Hardware setup and troubleshooting

To set up or troubleshoot your hardware with Shopify POS, refer to Hardware for Shopify POS.

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