Product metafields can be used to save product specifications and other product details. This gives you and your staff a single reference for all of your product information.

Metafields can be tailored to meet your store's needs. For example, if you custom order products for customers, then you can create an expected delivery date metafield to provide your customers with convenient updates on their orders. If you sell products from multiple brands, then you can create a brand metafield to capture brand details for each item so that customers and staff can distinguish products more easily. If your customers are concerned about environmental issues, then you can create a sustainability report metafield to share all of the pertinent information with your customers.

You can manage product metafields from the Shopify admin.

Viewing product metafields

You can view your products' metafield information from the Shopify POS app.


  1. From the Shopify POS app, tap > Products.

  2. In the search bar, type the name of the product.

  3. Next to the product name, tap View details.

  4. Next to the Metafields heading, tap View all.

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