Multi-currency is supported with Stocky and is available at the supplier level. Your cost prices update every 24 hours based on the current exchange rates.

All supplier cost prices are automatically converted to your base cost price. You can also set the exchange rate on a per purchase order basis.

Select your supplier currency

  1. Select the supplier that you want to change the currency for.
  2. Click Details.
  3. Select a currency, and then click Save Changes.

Add cost prices in the supplier's currency

You can add a supplier currency cost from the Supplier page, or while creating a purchase order, by clicking the Cost (CNY) column and entering a number.

Adding or updating a supplier's cost price automatically updates the cost price in your base currency based on the current exchange rate.

Multi-currency purchase orders

You can edit the cost price of a product directly from a purchase order. You can also choose whether you want to update the actual cost of the product variant or the cost for a specific purchase order.

If you select the number next to the Exchange Rate in a purchase, then you can manually set the exchange rate.

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