Vendors and suppliers

Stocky automatically imports product vendors from your Shopify admin. You can also create more detailed vendor profiles called suppliers. Creating suppliers within Stocky gives you greater control over your inventory, such as letting products have multiple suppliers, and letting you order inventory by number of packs instead of by number of individual units.

Differences between vendors and suppliers

Vendors are automatically brought into Stocky from the Vendor field on your products in the Shopify admin. Suppliers are manually created within Stocky and exist only in the app.

The differences between vendors and suppliers within Stocky
Product managementProducts can have only one vendor.Products can have multiple suppliers.
PricesProducts can have only one price.Products can have multiple prices, one price per supplier.
CurrencyPrices are in the currency of your Shopify store.Prices can be in any currency.
Ordering inventoryCan order only individual units.Can order quantities in pack sizes.

Create a supplier

You can create a supplier in Stocky.


  1. In Stocky, click Suppliers > New Supplier.
  2. Enter the supplier's name, and then click Create Supplier.
  3. Click the Settings drop-down menu, and then click Details.
  4. Enter any supplier details, and then click Save changes.
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