Accept Tap to Pay on iPhone as a method of payment for Shopify POS

You can use Tap to Pay on iPhone to accept credit cards, debit cards, or digital wallets on your iPhone without the need for a card reader. To accept non-contactless payments, pairing to a separate card reader is required. Tap to Pay on iPhone comes included with every Shopify plan and transactions are subject to your in-person credit card rates.

The Tap to Pay on iPhone feature falls under the Stripe Terminal End User Terms.


In order to use Tap to Pay on iPhone, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • your store based is in the United States
  • your store's currency is set to USD
  • you have Shopify Payments activated as your store's payment provider
  • you use the Shopify POS app installed on your iPhone
  • you use an iPhone XS or better running iOS 15.5 or higher

Pair Tap to Pay on iPhone to your POS device

The first time you accept Tap to Pay on iPhone in your store, you need to accept Apple's terms of service and enter an Apple ID in order to activate this feature. The Apple ID used should belong to you or the store, and you can change the Apple ID selected before you accept the TOS, or after, if needed. This only needs to be done once per store, regardless of how many locations there are.


  1. In Shopify POS, tap > Settings > Set up hardware.

  2. Select Tap to Pay on iPhone and tap Next.

  3. First activation: Verify the Apple ID and tap Continue with This Apple ID to accept the Apple ID or Use a Different Apple ID to select a different Apple ID. Once you have selected your Apple ID, accept the terms of service. Only your store's account owner can accept the Apple terms of service.

  4. Tap Done.

Unpair Tap to Pay on iPhone from your POS device

If you want to accept non-contactless payments using an external card reader, then you must unpair Tap to Pay on iPhone from your device before you can pair your external card reader.


  1. From Shopify POS, tap > Settings > Manage connected hardware.

  2. Tap Tap to Pay on iPhone.

  3. Tap Forget card reader.

Disconnect Tap to Pay on iPhone or change your Apple ID

If you want to disconnect Tap to Pay on iPhone or change the Apple ID associated with your store, then you can refer to the Tap to Pay on iPhone frequently asked questions.

Accept payments with Tap to Pay on iPhone

  1. From the Cart screen, tap Checkout.

  2. From the Select payment option screen, tap Tap to Pay on iPhone.

  3. The customer touches their contactless credit card or digital wallet to the iPhone. The card should be positioned horizontally across the animated field. This may take a few seconds.

  4. Select whether to provide the customer with a receipt, and then tap Done to return to the Shopify POS products screen.

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