You can use the Messenger sales channel to let customers shop directly from conversations in Messenger and to respond to your customers' questions in a single message thread. Customers can also receive automated notifications in Messenger about their orders.

Customers can contact you by clicking Message Us from your online store or by clicking Message on your business's Facebook page.

Eligibility requirements

There are a few eligibility requirements to use the Messenger sales channel:

  • You need to have a Shopify online store, and the store can't be password protected. Learn how to remove the password from your online store.
  • You need to have a Facebook account with an admin or editor role on a published Facebook page. Learn more about Facebook page roles. Learn how to publish your Facebook page.
  • To send automated order updates, you need to sell products in a currency supported by Facebook. Otherwise, customers can't opt in to order updates, although they can buy your products in Messenger chats with your online store. Read more about the currencies Facebook supports.

Add the Messenger sales channel

After you’ve confirmed your store’s eligibility for the Messenger channel, you can add it to Shopify.

To add the Messenger channel:

  1. After you've reviewed the terms of service, click Connect account and follow the prompts to give Shopify permission to view your public profile, manage your Pages, and send messages from Pages you manage.

  2. In the Facebook page section, select the Facebook page that you want to connect to the Messenger channel, and then click Connect page:

Remove the Messenger sales channel

When you remove the Messenger channel, the widget that customers see on your checkout page will also be removed. Customers will stop receiving updates from you.

To remove the Messenger channel:

  1. Click the trash icon beside Messenger.

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