Create different pricing for different customers

Create a price list for the products that you want to sell on your wholesale store.

Price lists can contain:

  • All products offered at the same percentage discount.
  • A set of collections of products offered at different percentage discounts.
  • Specific products offered at set prices.

Prices set on products will override any discounts applied. See Wholesale price lists.

Before you begin

You need to have:

  • At least one product in your online store. If you want to create a price list based on a collection, then you need to have at least one collection.
  • At least one customer tag in your online store that you want to use to tag your wholesale customers. You will add this tag to your price list. Any customer who has this tag will be connected to the price list and have access to its prices in your wholesale store.

When you choose titles for your price lists and customer tags, be descriptive and consider following a naming convention. Using a convention makes it easier to identify the characteristics of a price list without having to look up its details. For example, a price list that offers the best prices for your most valuable customers could be named pl-goldlevel-minimumprice.

Create wholesale price lists

To create a wholesale price list:

  1. From your Shopify admin, click Wholesale.
  2. On the Price lists page, click Create price list.
  3. Enter a descriptive title for your price list. This title is used internally in your Shopify admin and will not appear to your customers.
  4. In the Pricing section, choose the type of price list that you want to create:

    • Click Discount all products and set a percentage-based discount across all products in your store
    • Click Discount collections and choose collections to set percentage-based discounts across collections
    • Click Set product prices and choose individual products to set specific prices at the product and variant level.
      Screenshot of the Create Price List page that shows the three types of price lists
  5. In the Customers section, click Add tags. Add the customer tag that you want to use to connect your customers to this price list, and then click Select tags

  6. When you're done, click Save.

Your customer is now connected to this price list. If other customers are tagged with the same tag that you added to the price list, then they are also connected to the price list.

Next steps

Now that you've created your price list, you need to assign more customers to the price list.

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