Reducing your environmental impact with carbon-neutral shipping options

With Planet, you can align your brand with the growing demand for sustainable practices associated with your deliveries.

Understanding carbon-neutral shipping

Shipping products to customers often results in carbon emissions that contribute to climate change. Planet enables you to neutralize these emissions by paying carbon removal companies to remove an equivalent amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere. By offering carbon-neutral shipping at checkout, you can reduce the environmental impact of your deliveries and meet the growing demand for sustainable practices.

Planet: Three options for carbon-neutral shipping

Planet provides three options for integrating carbon-neutral shipping into your store: Pioneer, Community, and Alliance. Each option offers unique benefits that allow you to customize your approach based on your business values and customer preferences.

Pioneer: Automating carbon-neutral shipping for every order

With the Pioneer option, you pay for carbon-neutral shipping on every order. This means that for each order placed, the associated shipping emissions are effectively neutralized. Depending on your Planet settings, the average cost per order is between $0.035 and $0.15 USD.

Community: Empowering customers to help fight climate change

With the Community option, you can let your customers participate in the fight against climate change by paying $0.25 USD for carbon-neutral shipping. The funds collected from your customers are used for carbon removal, ensuring that each delivery with the Community option is carbon neutral.

Alliance: Collaborate for a greener planet

With the Alliance option, you not only provide carbon-neutral shipping on all orders, but you also invite your customers to join you in creating a positive climate impact. Depending on your Planet settings, the average cost per order is between $0.035 USD and $0.15 USD. Your customers can add $0.25, as well. This collaborative approach creates a sense of community and encourages your customers to participate in removing carbon emissions.

Subscription plans: Decade, Century, and Millennium

If you selected the Pioneer or Alliance options, then you can choose a subscription plan that determines your contribution per order. Planet offers three subscription plans: Decade, Century, and Millennium. All plans ensure that 100% of your deliveries will be carbon neutral.

Decade plan

The Decade plan uses carbon credits from nature-based carbon removal solutions, such as reforestation and soil carbon sequestration. Companies such as Grassroots Carbon and Pachama are funded through Decade subscriptions.

The price estimate for the Decade plan is $0.035 USD per order.

Century plan

The Century Plan combines nature-based carbon removal solutions with engineered solutions, such as direct air capture and mineralization. This plan supports a mix of Decade and Millennium plan solutions and companies.

The price estimate for the Century plan is $0.08 USD per order.

Millennium plan

The Millennium plan primarily funds engineered carbon-neutral solutions, such as direct air capture and mineralization, with a smaller portion of funding going towards nature-based carbon removal. These engineered solutions store carbon for at least 1,000 years. Companies such as 44.01, Carbofex, CarbonCure, Charm Industrial, Climeworks, Grassroots Carbon, Heirloom Carbon, Loam Bio, Mast Reforestation, Noya, Pachama, Planetary Technologies, Remora Carbon, and Sustaera are supported through Millennium subscriptions.

The price estimate for the Millennium plan is $0.15 USD per order.

Subscription plan variations

The price estimates provided for Planet subscription plans are based on average emissions per order across the Shopify platform. However, the actual cost per order for your store might vary depending on factors such as shipping distance, package weight, and mode of transportation.

Billing and charges with Planet

When you subscribe to Planet, you will be billed automatically on a monthly basis.

If you choose the Community option, then your bill will equal the amount of money that your customers have contributed through Planet. If you choose the Alliance option, then your bill will reflect charges for carbon-neutral shipping, as well as the amount of money that your customers have paid through Planet.

For the Pioneer and Alliance options, if tracking information is available for an order, then Planet considers it delivered when the tracking information indicates that it's been delivered. This means that after the package reaches its destination and is confirmed as delivered, it's considered as such by Planet.

In cases where tracking information is unavailable, Planet uses a default time frame to determine when an order is considered delivered. Specifically, an order is marked as delivered 20 days after the customer has placed the order. This allows for a reasonable amount of time for the package to reach its destination, even without tracking information.

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