On-demand deliveries

If your business is located in a supported city, then you can use courier services like Postmates to offer on-demand delivery to your customers at checkout. When a customer selects on-demand delivery, you can request a courier to deliver their order when you're processing it in your Shopify admin. When the order is ready, a courier will be dispatched to your store or shipping address to pick up the order and deliver it to your customer. You can use on-demand delivery services to help build your business in some great ways:

  • Offer your local customers fast and affordable same-day delivery options at checkout, without any extra up-front costs to you.
  • Use adjustable billing to create promotions for free local delivery on select orders. You can absorb or pass on as much of the delivery cost as you want.
  • Allow customers to track the location of their deliveries in real-time.

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