Postmates is an on-demand delivery service that you can use to deliver purchases to your local customers. After you activate Postmates in your Shopify admin, your eligible customers can select Postmates delivery as a shipping method at checkout. When a customer's order is ready to go, you can request a Postmates courier to pick up the customer's order and deliver it to them.

Postmates delivery costs are calculated based on the distance between your store's address and the customer's shipping address. In most cases, on-demand delivery costs are comparable to the costs of using other shipping methods.

Using Postmates


  1. Activate Postmates in your Shopify admin. You can do this without signing up for a separate Postmates account.
  2. Set up your delivery address and scheduling. This makes sure that Postmates couriers will arrive at the right place, at the right time.
  3. Request couriers to pick up your orders. You can do this while you're fulfilling orders in your Shopify admin.

What you can ship using Postmates

At this time, the products that you ship with Postmates must be fulfilled manually.

There are some items that you may not ship with Postmates:

  • people or animals
  • illegal items
  • fragile items
  • expensive or rare items
  • dangerous items (such as weapons, explosives, and flammables)
  • stolen items
  • any items that you don't have permission to send

Paying for a Postmates delivery

At checkout, customers will see a shipping rate that's calculated based on the distance between their shipping address and your store location. When a customer selects Postmates delivery, the cost of the quoted shipping rate is added to the total cost of their order. This amount is credited to you when you capture payment for the order in your Shopify admin.

When you schedule a pickup, the quoted shipping rate that your customer already paid is charged to your Shopify account. Just like when you buy shipping labels by using Shopify Shipping, you'll receive a bill through your Shopify account for all incurred shipping charges from on-demand deliveries. Bills for deliveries and shipping labels are generated weekly, or when you reach a set amount based on the value of the local deliveries you've purchased, whichever comes first.


How much does it cost to use Postmates?

There is no cost to activate and use Postmates. You will be charged a delivery fee when you fulfill the order in your Shopify admin.

When are Postmates couriers available?

Couriers are generally available during supported business hours (9:00am - 9:00pm). However, during busy times, couriers might have more deliveries to fulfill. Because of this, couriers might not be available in your area even if a rate is provided at checkout.

What happens if no couriers are available for a delivery?

Postmates couriers might not always be available for pickup in your area, even if a rate is provided at checkout. The service will look for couriers up to 30 minutes from the moment you create a delivery to be fulfilled with Postmates. If a courier is not available in this time, then the delivery will be canceled and the Postmates fee will be refunded. You can try again or you can choose a different method to fulfill the order.

How long does it take for a courier to arrive at my store?

After you schedule a pickup, Postmates searches for available couriers in your area. A courier might be just around the corner, a few blocks away, or farther out of your area. Postmates will try to find a courier for your delivery for 30 minutes. If a courier isn't available in your area within that time, your delivery will be canceled and the charges refunded to your Shopify account.

What happens if an item is lost or damaged during delivery?

Postmates offers a maximum of $250 of discretionary coverage for items that are lost or damaged during delivery. Restricted items aren't eligible for this coverage. You can contact Shopify Support to resolve such claims.

What happens if a delivery is canceled by the Postmates courier?

If the Postmates courier doesn't pick up a scheduled delivery, then the delivery charge will be refunded to your Shopify account.

What happens if the Postmates courier cannot pick up the item?

If nobody is at the pickup location (your store's shipping address) when the courier arrives, then a cancellation fee will be applied and charged to your Shopify account.

What happens if the Postmates courier cannot deliver the item to the customer?

If no one is present at the delivery location (your customer's shipping address), then the Postmates courier will wait 5 minutes before returning the items to the pickup location. Your Shopify account will be charged an additional fee to cover the return trip.

What happens if I cancel a delivery before pickup?

If you cancel the delivery before it is picked up, then the shipping fee will be refunded to your Shopify account but you will be charged a $5 cancellation fee. You can choose to schedule a new pickup, or fulfill the order another way. It's your responsibility to inform your customers about the delivery change.

Where do I contact support?

You can contact Shopify Support for any inquiries about the Shopify + Postmates integration.

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