Setting up local delivery for online orders

You can set up the option for local customers to have their orders delivered. If an eligible customer's address is in your delivery area, then the customer have local delivery as an option at checkout.

To set up local delivery, you need to enable the local delivery option for each location that you offer delivery from. You can offer delivery within a set distance from your location, or for certain postal codes.

After you set up local delivery in your Shipping settings, learn how to fulfill local delivery orders. You can choose to have you or your staff deliver orders, or use a third-party delivery service.


To use the local delivery option, your store needs to meet the following requirements:

  • have 20 or fewer locations

  • have custom checkout disabled (Shopify Plus only)

If you have questions about the eligibility requirements, then contact Shopify support.

Checkout experience

After you enable the local delivery option, eligible customers have local delivery as a shipping option at checkout.

Customers have local delivery as an option only if they meet the following requirements:

  • All physical products in the cart are eligible for delivery from one location.
  • The delivery location has the inventory available to fulfill the entire order.
  • The customer doesn't choose an accelerated checkout method other than Shop Pay in the first step of the checkout. If the customer pays using Apple Pay, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, or PayPal, then the local delivery option isn't available.
  • The customer's delivery address can be verified by Google. At checkout, customers can use the dropdown menu of suggested addresses to select a verified address.
  • The customer's address must be one of the following:
    • within the designated delivery radius and the same province or state
    • within the designated postal codes and in the same country

A customer can't choose to have some items shipped and some items delivered on the same order. Instead, the customer should place two separate orders.

Your customers can include delivery instructions at checkout and are required to leave a phone number so you can contact them.

Before setting up local delivery

You need to complete the following before you can offer local delivery:

Set up the local delivery option

You set up local delivery for each location that you want to offer delivery from. You can offer delivery within a distance radius, or you can offer delivery to select postal codes.

To use a delivery radius, your business location must be verified. Review and modify your location's address to make sure that it's accurate.

If you choose a delivery radius, then you can choose to include neighboring states, provinces, or regions by enabling Include neighboring states or regions. For example, suppose that your business is located in the southeast corner of California, 10 miles west from Arizona. If you set your delivery radius to be 20 miles and enable Include neighboring states or regions, then your delivery radius will extend 10 miles into Arizona. If this setting is not enabled, then local delivery won't be available for customers in Arizona.

The delivery radius won't extend into other countries, even with Include neighboring states or regions enabled.

After you set up local delivery, you can start fulfilling local delivery orders.


Add conditional pricing

You can add price-based rules to determine how much to charge for local delivery. You can set up to 3 additional rules to give your local delivery option more flexibility.

For example, suppose that you had a minimum order value of $5 USD. You could set the following rules:

  • orders starting at $5 USD = $5 USD delivery charge
  • orders starting at $10 USD = $3 USD delivery charge
  • orders starting at $20 USD = free delivery

The final rule in your set of conditions has no maximum order value limit.


Add delivery zones

By default, when you set up the local delivery option, you create a delivery area or zone. You can add up to 4 additional delivery zones based on distance radius or sets of postal codes. Each delivery zone can have a separate set of conditional prices.

If you're using a distance radius, then set the Delivery radius as the maximum distance for each zone.

For example, you might set the following zones:

Joining rows
Zone Delivery radius Minimum order price Delivery price
Zone 1 5 km $20.00 $5.00
Zone 2 10 km $20.00 $10.00
Zone 3 20 km $20.00 $20.00

If you have a customer located within 8 km, then they will be charged $10.00. While both zones 2 and 3 apply to a customer located within 8 km, the delivery price for Zone 2 is less than Zone 3, so the customer is charged the delivery price for Zone 2

If you have a customer whose order is less than $20, then they aren't eligible for local delivery because zones 1, 2, and 3 all have a minimum order price of $20.00.


Customize email notifications for local delivery

For local delivery, there are a number of different types of email notifications including:

  • Order confirmation
  • Delivered
  • Out for delivery *
  • Missed delivery *

    * You can only send Out for delivery and Missed delivery notifications using the Shopify Local Delivery app.

You can also customize the templates for email notifications and SMS notifications that customers receive after they place an order with local delivery.

Order confirmation

For the Order confirmation email template, you can add local delivery-related content by wrapping the content in the following Liquid variable: {% if delivery_instructions != blank %}; Delivery instructions: {{delivery_instructions}} {% endif %} This variable displays the content of the Delivery information field in your local delivery settings.

You can also include delivery information in the Order confirmation notification by filling out the appropriate section in your shipping and delivery settings.

If you need to reset a template to its default, click Revert to default.

Local Delivery app

The Shopify Local Delivery app makes it easier for you or your staff to deliver local orders. From the app, you can create order lists, map delivery locations, and optimize delivery routes. You can use the app from your Shopify admin or from the Shopify mobile app. When you deliver orders, you can use the mobile app to update the order status in real time.

You can install the Shopify Local Delivery app from the Shopify app store.

For more information, refer to the Shopify Local Delivery app documentation.

Use the companion Shopify Local Delivery mobile app for iOS and Android to manage local deliveries, whether you’re running a fleet of drivers or delivering orders yourself. This app connects to the Local Delivery app in Shopify so that you can give drivers access to optimized routes for all your local deliveries, and lets you track delivery statuses from Shopify.

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