Sending inventory to Flexport with the SFN app

After your products are synced, you can create an inbound transfer to send inventory to Flexport. Before you send inventory, review Flexport's guidelines on preparing products and list of restricted products.

Send inventory to Flexport


  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Apps > Fulfillment Network.
  2. Click Send inventory. This opens a new window to Flexport's Create Inbound page.
  3. Follow the prompts in Flexport to create an inbound shipment.

After an inbound shipment is created, you can monitor its status on the Fulfillment Network page. The initial status of an inbound shipment is Inventory sent. When your shipment is received by Flexport, the status is Preparing for fulfillment. When your inventory is ready to be shipped to customers, the status is Ready for fulfillment.

Review inventory status in Shopify

After your products are shipped and you've provided tracking information to Flexport, the Fulfillment Network app updates your inventory in your Shopify store. You can review your inventory status in the Shopify admin.


  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Products > Inventory.
  2. Select the SFN - Flexport location.

During the period that your products are in transit to Flexport's fulfillment centers, your inventory is listed as Incoming. This status is automatically updated as your products are shipped, received, and sold.

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