Shopify Fulfillment Network fulfillment lifecycle

The following is an example of a typical fulfillment lifecycle for an order that's fulfilled by Shopify Fulfillment Network (SFN).

  1. A customer places an order in your online store.
  2. After the order is paid or payment is authorized, SFN receives a request for fulfillment with the status Pending. If you set up a fulfillment delay in Settings, then the fulfillment request status will be Pending until the end of the order delay duration.
  3. To prepare to process your fulfillment request, SFN personnel take the following actions:
    1. Check whether the request meets fulfillment conditions.
    2. Determine when the package needs to be delivered.
    3. Identify which fulfillment center can fulfill the order.
    4. Choose a carrier service.
  4. The fulfillment request is assigned to a fulfillment center and the status updates to In progress.
  5. When your fulfillment request is processed, SFN personnel perform the following actions:
    1. Print the packing slip.
    2. Pick the items in the order.
    3. Pack the items and packing slip.
    4. Buy a shipping label with a tracking number.
    5. Attach the shipping label to the package.
    6. Schedule a pickup time with the carrier.
  6. If the fulfillment request is a split fulfillment, then the status updates to Partially fulfilled, otherwise the status updates to Fulfilled.
  7. SFN updates your Shopify order with the tracking number.
  8. The carrier arrives at the fulfillment center, picks up the shipment, and sends a notification to SFN that the package is in transit.
  9. The carrier delivers the package to your customer's address.
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