Calculating Shopify Shipping rates

Depending on your store's Shopify subscription plan and the order that you're shipping, you might be eligible for discounted shipping rates from Shopify Shipping carriers.

You can calculate and preview your discounted Shopify Shipping rates by using the Shopify Shipping Calculator.

Calculate your Shopify Shipping rates

Shopify Shipping discounted shipping rates by carrier

Discounts vary based on package type, weight, destination, and origin. The following table displays the maximum discount available by carrier:

Maximum discounts by carrier for 2021
Shipping carrierBasicShopifyAdvanced
USPSDomestic shippingUp to 67.6%Up to 88.5%Up to 88.5%
International shippingUp to 8.65%Up to 8.65%Up to 8.65%
UPSDomestic shippingUp to 69.19%Up to 69.76%Up to 69.81%
International shippingUp to 85.8%Up to 85.8%Up to 85.8%
Standard shipping to CanadaUp to 40.2%Up to 40.2%Up to 40.2%
DHLInternational shippingUp to 72%Up to 74%Up to 76%
Canada PostDomestic shippingUp to 35%Up to 38%Up to 43%
Shipping to the USUp to 44%Up to 44%Up to 47%
International shippingUp to 58%Up to 60%Up to 64%
SendleDomestic shippingUp to 16.7%Up to 16.7%Up to 16.7%
International shippingUp to 44.24%Up to 44.24%Up to 44.24%
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