Backups and duplication

You can export CSV files from your Shopify admin to back up your store information. You can combine these CSV files with other data (for example, a copy of your theme) to create a backup or duplicate of your store.

Using CSV files to back up store information

You can export CSV files to back up the following types of store information:

You can also back up your online store's theme by downloading it from your Shopify admin.

Duplicate a store

When you duplicate a store, you can transfer some types of store information by using CSV files, but other types of information must be entered manually in your Shopify admin.

There are some limitations to transferring store information:

  • You can't import your visitor traffic data because you're now tracking a new domain.
  • Orders can't be imported into a store through the Shopify admin, but they can be imported through the Shopify API. This is not supported by Shopify. You can hire a Shopify Partner to get help with importing orders into the new store.
  • Discount codes can't be transferred.
  • Issued gift cards can't be transferred (gift card products are transferred by using the product CSV file).
  • Your saved custom reports can't be transferred.
  • Visitor traffic data can't be transferred.


  1. Log in to both stores as the store owner.
  2. Make sure that the new store is on the same subscription plan as the original store.
  3. Select the same theme in the new store, or upload a theme file from your computer.
  4. Export CSV files to back up the following types of store information:
  5. Prepare your product media for export.
  6. Import the CSV files for your products and customers using one of the following ways:
  7. If you didn't create collections by adding a column to the product CSV file, then you can create them manually in the new store.
  8. Reinstall your apps.
  9. Manually reconfigure your store settings, for example taxes, shipping, checkout, and payments.
  10. Optional: Copy and paste your blog posts and online store pages.
  11. Optional: Rebuild your online store navigation.

Creating a store backup using an app

If you want to create a backup of your store's information, then you can use an app from the Shopify App Store.

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