Keyboard shortcuts

You can use keyboard shortcuts to move around your Shopify admin more quickly.

Basic keyboard shortcuts

Some keyboard shortcuts work anywhere on your computer.


When you copy, your computer remembers information (text or files) so that you can place it somewhere else, move it, or duplicate it.

To copy, select text or a file and press ctrl + C on a PC or command + C on a Mac.


When you paste, your computer reproduces the information (text or files) that you previously copied. The text or files will be placed in the window or text box where you are working.

To paste, press ctrl + V on a PC or command + V on a Mac.


In many applications, you can use the find command to search for specific text. This command is available in most web browsers and word processors.

To find, press ctrl + F on a PC or command + F on a Mac.

Using admin keyboard shortcuts

You can use keyboard shortcuts in your Shopify admin to quickly move between pages or add items such as products, pages, and discounts. You can view a full list of keyboard shortcuts that work in Shopify from your admin. To open the list of keyboard shortcuts, press the ? key while browsing your Shopify admin.

To close the list of shortcuts, press the esc key. Keyboard shortcuts will work whether the list is open or not. You can also close the list of shortcuts by clicking anywhere in the Shopify admin panel outside of the popup window.

Most keyboard shortcuts require you to press multiple keys. To make sure that the keyboard shortcuts work properly:

  • The keys for the shortcut must be pressed in the order they appear in the list from left to right. For example, if you want to add a product (shortcut A P), typing P A will not work.

  • The complete sequence of keys must be typed within about 1 second.

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