Sidekick capabilities

Powered by the latest advancements in AI technology, Sidekick can generate content, reference and answer direct questions about your store settings and configuration, create reports, suggest marketing campaigns, and more. If Sidekick can't perform an action directly, then it provides instructions on how you can do it yourself.


There are some limitations to the capabilities currently available through Sidekick:

  • Sidekick can't talk to your customers or handle customer support conversations on your behalf.
  • Sidekick can't share private information or data from other Shopify merchants with you.
  • Sidekick is never allowed to make changes to your shop without your approval, and will only present options for you to review and approve.
  • Sidekick can't make edits to images within a store theme or your product list.
  • Sidekick has been trained and optimized to assist with making edits to the Dawn theme version 11.0.0 or higher. Errors might occur with other themes.
  • Sidekick doesn't save your chat history. If you close your Sidekick chat window, then you won’t be able to recover your chat history or previously generated responses from Sidekick.


Sidekick has the following capabilities:

Help and guidance

Sidekick can provide step-by-step instructions on how to perform tasks in Shopify, and can provide lists or a set of options based on your query. When Sidekick isn't capable of doing a requested action or returning the requested information, Sidekick provides a help or instruction card to guide you on how you can do the action or view the information yourself. Sidekick can also help you navigate to any page in the admin based on your instructions.

Content generation

You can provide a prompt to Sidekick to receive ready-to-use copy for a variety of applications. Sidekick can assist in tasks such as crafting emails, editing store content, and generating blog posts. Refer to Considerations when using automatic text generation.

Sidekick can do the following tasks:

  • Fill in fields or forms in any page of the admin, based on your direct instructions.
  • Explain why each generated option might be appropriate.
  • Generate more options beyond the first suggestions it gives you.
  • Create or edit products, variants, discounts, and collections based on your direct instructions.

When Sidekick has generated content in a field, the field is highlighted in purple so you can identify and review the fields where Sidekick has added content.

Customer segmentation

Sidekick allows you to create custom customer segments using natural language.

Sidekick can do the following tasks:

Theme editing

Sidekick can modify theme settings and make recommendations to help you achieve a particular style with your store. Changes applied by Sidekick to themes must be saved manually by you.

Sidekick can do the following tasks:

  • Apply changes to themes, including on themes that aren't currently published.
  • Work with colors, roundness, typography, spacing, shadows, and cart position, with a focus on achieving a specific aesthetic for the store. For example: "Make my store feel more retro".
  • Explain its design choices and why they contribute to a specific aesthetic.

Submit feedback for Sidekick's responses

When Sidekick generates an answer or set of instructions, you can deliver feedback about the quality of the response directly in Sidekick's chat interface. Beneath the relevant response from Sidekick, click one of the following icons to add a rating:

  • Thumbs up (👍): Click to indicate that this response was helpful.
  • Thumbs down (👎): Click to indicate that this response was unhelpful.

If you click the wrong icon accidentally, then you can click it again to remove your rating. If you decide later that you want to change your rating of a response, then click the opposite icon to change your rating.

After clicking an icon to add a rating, you can click Add comment to open a dialog to include more detailed feedback about Sidekick’s response. Including additional comments and feedback is optional, but sharing your thoughts about the conversation can help to improve Sidekick’s functionality. You can include feedback about helpful and unhelpful responses from Sidekick. After you’ve included your detailed feedback, click Submit.

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