Log into the Shopify app using biometrics

You can set up biometrics to log in to the Shopify app. By using biometrics, you can quickly log in by scanning your face or fingerprint to manage your Shopify store, ensuring the security of your store's data.

The Shopify app doesn't store your biometrics. Rather, it uses the biometric settings already configured on your mobile device.

If you encounter issues with your biometric authentication, then you can still log in to your store without using biometrics. When prompted to unlock using biometrics, click Use login to login with a password.

Set up biometrics on the Shopify app

If you don't have biometrics set up on your mobile device, then you need to set it up first. Every mobile device is different so you'll need to review the settings on your mobile device to set up biometrics.

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