Release fulfillment hold

The Release fulfillment hold action changes the status a fulfillment order from on hold to open.

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The Release fulfillment hold action contains no fields, but requires a fulfillment order ID to be available in the workflow in order to release the fulfillment hold.


The Release fulfillment hold action can be used in workflows that provide a fulfillment order. When an order is created, it typically has zero fulfillment orders. A process is run to assign the line items in the order to a location, creating fulfillment orders.

The Order ready to fulfill trigger runs for each fulfillment order that is created for the order, so it is commonly used with this action.

In addition, fulfillment orders are accessible on any trigger with an order, after the fulfillment orders have been added. Using a For each action, you can loop through these lists and perform actions on each item. For example, you can loop through the fulfillment orders and release some or all of their holds. To do this, you need to add a short delay of about five minutes after an order based trigger to ensure that the fulfillment orders are created and available.

API details

To learn more, review the fulfillmentOrderOpen mutation.

For more details on fulfillment orders, review the context on the FulfillmentOrder object.

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