Send HTTP request

The Send HTTP request action connects your workflow to a web server or URL and sends HTTP requests.

After Flow sends your HTTP request, it waits for a maximum of 30 seconds for an HTTP response code. If Flow hasn't received a response after 30 seconds, then it closes the connection to your app and it resends the request.


The Send HTTP request action contains the following fields.

Fields used in the Send HTTP request action.
Field Description
HTTP method The method of HTTP request to send. The Send HTTP request action supports the following methods:

  • Get - Sends a request for information from the server.
  • Delete - Removes a resource from the server.
  • Head - Retrieves the HTTP response headers of the server.
  • Options - Retrieves the options and features that are supported by the server.
  • Patch - Partially updates a resource on the server.
  • Put - Updates a resource on the server.
  • Post - Creates or replaces a resource on the server.
URL The URL of the server to which the HTTP request is sent.
Headers The key and value pair for the HTTP request. Multiple key-value pairs can be entered.
Body The content to be sent to the server.


The Send HTTP request action can be used in any workflow.


Example of a workflow that sends a POST HTTP request when an order is paid

In this example workflow, a POST HTTP request is sent to a server when an order is paid.

Response codes

The following table describes how Flow processes the HTTP response code after it receives a response.

How Flow processes HTTP response codes.
HTTP response code How Flow processes the response code
2XX or 3XX Success Flow marks the HTTP request as a success, and performs subsequent actions in the workflow.
429 or 5XX Error Flow automatically retries the action for up to 24 hours until it receives a different response code or it times out.
Other response code If your app returns a code that isn't described in this table or it times out while retrying actions, then Flow marks the HTTP request as failing. Subsequent workflow actions are not taken.

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