The Sum action adds together the total of items in a list and provides the sum value, such as the total price of several different orders.


The Sum action contains the following fields.

Fields used in the Sum action.
ListRequired. The list of what is totaled by the Sum action.

Returned data

The Sum action itself doesn't take any direct action in your store. Instead, it calculates data from your store and makes this data available for use in subsequent steps in your workflow.

When you add a Sum action to a workflow, steps that follow this action have a Sum variable available in the variable picker. To use the data extracted by your query in following conditions or actions, select Sum in the Returned data section of the configuration panel. For custom created variables, use the Sum object.


Example of a workflow that totals the price of orders that a customer has placed in the past week and adds a customer tag if the total is equal to or greater than 1,000.

In this example workflow, the total price of orders placed by a customer in the past week are totaled. If the total amount is equal to or greater than 1,000, then a customer tag is applied.

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