Send Slack message

The Send Slack message sends a chat message to a Slack channel.


To begin using the Slack action, you must first connect Flow to your Slack account.

After you have connected to Slack, you must add the FlowBot to any Slack channel where you plan to post messages:

  1. In the Slack channel, view the chanel details.
  2. Under Integrations click Add an app.
  3. Search for FlowBot and click Add.
  4. Flow should now be able to post messages to the channel.


The Send Slack message action contains the following fields.

Fields used in the Send Slack message action.
Channel or member idRequired. For named channels, use #your-channel-name. For unnamed channels, copy the channel ID from the channel details, using $ as a prefix: $C03U0GHLGLG
MessageRequired. Enter and style your message as you would in Slack.


The Send Slack message action can be used with any trigger.

API reference

Flow calls the Slack API to post a chat message. To learn more, review the Slack API.

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