Monitoring workflows

After a workflow runs, you can monitor its performance and behavior from the workflow's page. The workflow page displays a Workflow summary, where you can review its triggers, conditions, and actions, in addition to a Workflow runs section.

In the Workflow runs section, you can choose to display all workflow runs, those in progress, succeeded flows, or failed flows. You can also add additional filters to find specific workflow runs.


  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Apps > Shopify Flow.
  2. Click the workflow that you want to monitor.
  3. If you've recorded the ID of a specific workflow run to review later, then enter it in the Filter runs field.
  4. To filter for a specific date range, click Date. Choose your starting date, then scroll down to select an end date. Workflow data is retained for seven days so workflow runs older than seven days are not displayed.
  5. To filter for a specific workflow status, click Status. You can filter by:
    • Workflows that are in progress
    • Workflows that succeeded and took actions
    • Workflows that succeeded, but did not take actions
    • Workflows that failed

There can be a delay between when a workflow runs and when its results appear in your Shopify admin.

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