Using passkeys

Passkeys are a more secure replacement for passwords. They allow you to sign in to an account without entering a password, but are safer and more efficient than a password. Using passkeys removes the possibility of forgetting and needing to reset a password, or entering the wrong password and becoming locked out of your account.

Using a passkey can help you avoid phishing scams, as well as having your password stolen.

You can add a passkey using any authentication method that you use to unlock your device, such as a fingerprint or face recognition, or a device PIN.

Passkeys can be synced on different devices that are logged into the same platform, for example, using an Apple ID on multiple devices. You can still use the same passkey on another platform by scanning a QR code.

Create a passkey

The passkey that you created is added under the Passkeys section, and has a number assigned to it.

Log in with a passkey

Delete a passkey

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