Paying Shopify bills in your local currency

In countries and regions where local currency billing is supported, Shopify issues bills in a local currency instead of in USD. When your bills are issued in your local currency, it can reduce the amount that you pay in currency exchange fees. In addition, you can predict some recurring expenses, such as your Shopify subscription, more easily because they're priced at a set cost in your local currency.

Countries and regions where local currency billing is supported

Local currency billing (in EUR) is available for merchants who are located in EU countries.

For all other countries and regions, Shopify bills are issued in USD.

Determining which billing charges are converted to your local currency

After local currency billing is enabled for your store, all the bills that you receive from Shopify are issued in that currency. Some of the charges are converted from USD to your local currency, and others are issued at a set price in your local currency.

Charges without conversion fees

Shopify subscription charges are priced directly in your local currency and not converted from USD.

Charges with conversion fees

The following charges are issued in your local currency after they're converted from USD:

  • App charges (one-time fees, usage fees, and subscription fees)
  • Shopify POS subscriptions
  • Themes
  • Domains
  • Shipping labels
  • Transaction fees

The conversion rates that Shopify applies to each charge are based on up-to-date currency exchange rates and include a 1.5% currency exchange fee (except for transaction fees, which are exempt). You can view the conversion rates for each charge on your bills in your Shopify admin.

Changing your billing currency

If you are eligible for local currency billing, you can change your billing currency. After you make the change, it is applied to your next billing cycle. If you have any outstanding charges, then you are billed for them now in the original currency. Any remaining credits are converted to the new currency that you select.

Change your billing currency for stores located in Germany

If your store is located in Germany, then you can change your billing currency from your Shopify admin.


  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Settings > Billing.

  2. In the Payment details section, under Billing currency, click the ... button, and then click Change billing currency.

  3. Do either of the following:

    • To change your billing currency to euros, click EUR (Euro).
    • To change your billing currency to US dollars, click USD (US Dollar).
  4. Click Save.

Change your billing currency for other EU merchants

If you are an eligible merchant in an EU country other than Germany, but you're currently billed in USD, then you can contact Shopify Support to help you to change your billing currency.

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