Shopify Experts FAQ

Here are some common questions that we receive about becoming a Shopify Expert. Have a question of your own? Read on to see if it's answered here.

What are Shopify Experts?

Shopify Experts are a cultivated community of trusted, motivated Shopify ambassadors who actively help merchants grow their businesses by providing them with high-quality services. The program was built to empower the business growth of our top-tier partners through exclusive resources, opportunities for learning, and more exposure within our ecosystem.

As a Shopify Expert, you’ll earn:

  • Opportunities to position yourself as a thought leader in the Shopify community through:

    • Hosting or co-hosting community meetups
    • Ability to attend Expert-only events
    • Speaking roles at large-scale events within our Partner and Merchant communities
    • Mentions from our Shopify and Shopify Partners social channels
    • Opportunities to contribute to the Shopify Web Design & Development Blog
  • Shopify Expert branding that you can use to build trust with merchants, including:

    • The Shopify Expert badge
    • The Shopify Expert forum badge
  • Eligibility to apply for a public listing in our Shopify Experts Directory

  • Opportunities to participate in beta testing of new features and products on Shopify

  • Access to special offers from popular software and technology providers

As a Shopify Expert, you'll be:

  • A Partner selected by Shopify that has proven to have a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of Shopify and a hunger to continue learning
  • A resourceful, motivated Shopify brand ambassador — someone who helps us take the path to more entrepreneurs
  • A member of an exclusive group that is trusted by Shopify merchants
  • A Partner that provides a layer of value-added services to merchants to help them become successful, including any of the following services: Setup, Design, Development, Marketing, and/or Photography
  • A Partner that is committed to Shopify for their clients’ ecommerce needs, helping us grow our merchant base

What's required of an Expert?

As a Shopify Expert, you must:

  • Be a brand ambassador for Shopify
  • Deliver top-quality work on time for Shopify merchants
  • Maintain open and honest communication with Shopify merchants
  • Provide Shopify merchants with a high value, positive experience
  • Remain active within the Partner Community — attend or host Shopify Meetups, participate in the Shopify community, develop Shopify-related content and distribute it to your network
  • Bring new merchants to the platform and/or upgrade current merchants to Shopify Plus. In particular:

    • Setup, Design, and Development Experts are required to bring five new merchants to Shopify or Shopify Plus every 12 months, and work with existing merchants through collaborator accounts.
    • Marketing Experts are required to bring three new merchants to Shopify or Shopify Plus every 12 months, and work with existing merchants through collaborator accounts.
    • Photographer Experts are exempt from this requirement. However, we recommend applying for the Shopify Affiliate Program and leveraging your affiliate link where possible.

If you aren't able to meet the above requirements, then Shopify may contact you to determine your continued eligibility as an Expert.

What will cause my Expert profile to be unpublished after I've been listed?

  • Not responding to merchant inquiries in a timely fashion or at all
  • Shopify receiving complaints from merchants against the Shopify Expert and/or indication of low-quality service
  • Not having Shopify branding on your business website
  • Extended periods of inactivity within your Partner Dashboard including lack of new referrals and/or lack of collaborator accounts
  • Not notifying Shopify of business changes including business name, business address, and contact email

The Partner Program Agreement sets out the additional obligations of a Shopify Expert as a Shopify Partner.

How can I find new Shopify merchants?

There are many ways to find new Shopify merchants for your business and we've built a ton of resources to help guide you. Here are a few to get started with but check out our blog for more.

For Marketers, affiliate marketing can be a great way to earn extra income, as well as help you maintain the referrals required to remain in the Shopify Experts Program. To get started, apply for your affiliate link through your Partner Dashboard and review the strategies listed here. If you have any questions about affiliate marketing, then contact your Affiliate Manager from the Resources page in your Partner Dashboard after you've been approved for an affiliate link.

What's the best way to collect project requirements and scope from Shopify merchants?

Some Experts have created project requirement forms that help speed up store setups. The form gives merchants an idea of what content is required to get their store up and running. One example is the Shopify Content Delivery Toolkit.

What's an Expert testimonial?

An Expert testimonial is a review from a Shopify merchant that you've recently worked with. These testimonials directly influence your ranking among other Experts. You can request a testimonial through your Expert profile under the Testimonial tab. Enter the site URL and it will send a request to the store's account owner.

Where do I log in to my Expert profile?

You can log in to your Expert account here.

How are Experts ranked?

Our ranking algorithm gives you a score based on the number of active referrals (fully launched live stores) under your account, the number of testimonials you have, and your geographic location relative to the merchant. The more stores you have under your belt, the higher your ranking will be, and the closer to the top of the search results your profile will appear.

How can I set myself as overbooked?

You can set yourself as overbooked from your Shopify Expert profile at the bottom of the Account details tab. When set to overbooked, you won't receive any communications from Shopify merchants through the Experts Directory.

Is there a badge I can share to let people know I'm an Expert?

Yes. You can find Expert badges in your Expert profile under the Resources tab.

How do I cancel my Expert profile?

Log in to your Expert Dashboard and above the footer, click Cancel my account.

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