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Shopify's Digital Downloads app allows you to upload digital files as products in your store. A download link is provided to the customer after checkout, and a link is emailed to them when the order is fulfilled.

All content from Digital Downloads is delivered in two ways:

  • a direct download link after the order is completed
  • an email to the customer with a link to the download after fulfillment

Set up digital products to use Digital Downloads

You can link digital attachments to a variant on a particular product. You must configure a digital attachment for all variants that have a digital part.

You can also mix and match a product to have physical and digital products, for example:

  • A physical copy of an album would not include a digital attachment.
  • A digital copy of an album would be configured to have a digital attachment, but no physical product.
  • A digital and physical copy of an album would be configured to have both a digital attachment and a physical product.


Digital-only items do not require shipping. When configuring digital products, uncheck This is a physical product in the Shipping section.

Add a digital attachment

To add a digital file to a variant, use the More actions menu at the top of the product screen and click Add Digital Attachment:

Attach me

This takes you to the Digital Downloads app where you can choose which file to attach to each variant.


You can attach only one file at a time to a variant. You can use a .zip file or another archive file format, which can bundle files together under a single filename. Delete attachments for your products in the app before deleting the product in your admin.

Digital Downloads app interface

Clicking the name of the app from your Apps page brings you to the dashboard view of the app, which displays the 20 most recently updated products in your store:

App dashboard

There are three main sections in the interface:

Edit products and variants with the Digital Downloads dashboard

The Dashboard is used to edit and configure products and variants. You can click a product name to edit its digital attachments.

You can click the gear icon to configure each variant's digital attachment:

Product overview

Click Settings to:

  • Automatically create fulfillments for Digital goods to email a link to the customer after a successful payment and to mark the order as fulfilled.
  • Manually create fulfillments for Mixed goods to send an email to the customer when you mark the order as fulfilled.
  • set a Download Limit for the number of times a customer can download a digital product.
Digital downloads settings


Customers can automatically download digital products with Automatic fulfillment turned on. If you have set the product to manually fulfill, then the customer will receive an email only when you fulfill the entire order - not when they purchase the item.

If you want to send a digital product to the customer right away, and you have enabled Manual Fulfillment, then you can click Manual URLs to generate a link to securely download a variant's digital attachment. These are unlimited use and allow a customer to freely download a file. You can disable the link by clicking the trash can button beside it.

Digital downloads settings manual

Modify Digital Downloads orders

The Orders section provides you with an overview of all orders containing digital downloads that have been purchased through your store. This section shows you:

  • order number
  • date and time
  • customer's name
  • customer's email
  • number of downloads per order
Orders screen

Like the Orders page in the admin, you can click each entry to view that order's details.

Each order shows you:

  • customer name
  • customer email
  • option to resend the fulfillment email

The Orders section will also tell you any time a download was completed, the customer's IP, as well as what browser and operating system were used to download the digital item.

Cancel a download

If you need to cancel an order's download, click the Cancel button in the download details section.

Adjust Digital Downloads settings

The Settings section provides you with ways to personalize the emails that you send to customers, and to display a download link on the order status page.

Configure email templates for Digital Downloads

You can configure the email templates used by Digital Downloads within the app's Settings section exactly as you would edit notification templates in the admin.

Email settings for updated attachments

This email notification is sent to customers when you update your product with a new version of the attachment. This ensures that customers are keeping up to date with the latest version of whatever digital content you sell.

This section operates the same way as the email templates found in your admin.

Learn more about editing email notifications.


You can use this comprehensive list of all email template variables as a reference.

Email settings for first fulfillment email

This email notification is sent to customers upon purchasing a digital product. It provides the download link that the customer can use to receive the digital content.

Export CSV reports from the Digital Downloads app

The CSV export option, which is at the bottom of the Orders page, generates a spreadsheet file of all digital orders that have been processed by the app. This means that even if the customer has not yet downloaded the product, there will still be a record of the customer's order in this report.

The report includes:

  • order date and time
  • number of downloads
  • customer's email address
  • customer's first name
  • checkout ID associated with the order
  • customer's last name
  • total number of line items in the order
  • order total (including shipping and tax)
  • SKUs included in the order
  • order number (listed as title)
  • date of last update

FAQ about Digital Downloads

What is the maximum file size I can upload?

The maximum file size is 5 GB. If you are concerned that the upload/attachment is taking a long time to finish, it is likely due to your ISP's upload throttle, which can be slow compared to download speeds.

Can I upload multiple files to the same product?

No. You can only upload one file per product. If you need to attach more files, you can use a .zip file or another type of archive file that can contain files within it. You can't upload file folders.

Can I limit the number of times a customer can download a product?

Yes. You can limit the number of times each customer can download a product. This is set in the product's settings in the Dashboard. To remove a download limit, set the limit to 0 (zero).

No. Regardless of fulfillment settings for an order as defined in the settings, your customers will immediately be given a chance to download their product after payment has been completed. Customers will also always receive an email with a download link in it, regardless of how many downloads you allow for a digital product.

Can I resend the fulfillment email for a digital product?

Yes. You can do so using the Orders menu in the app. Click on an order, and a button will allow you to resend the fulfillment email.

Is there a bandwidth limit for a download?

No. The bandwidth statistic in the app's main menu is for your information only.

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