Activating SSL for your storefront

If your online storefront is eligible for SSL certificates, you'll see the option to Activate SSL certificates on the Domains settings page in your Shopify admin.


You can activate SSL for all domains up to to the 10 domain limit.

To activate SSL certificates in Shopify:

  1. In the SSL certificates section, click Activate SSL certificates. This adds SSL certification to all eligible pages on your online store:

    Activate ssl cert


    Redirecting your online store to HTTPS can take anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of hours. Your online store remains up and running during that time.

    If your activation is successful, you'll see a confirmation on the Domains page in your Shopify admin:
    Success ssl

  2. If any pages or files can't be given SSL certificates automatically, then you need to update them manually, and then click Retry SSL certificate activation:

    Retry ssl
    SSL certificates work only on pages whose content — including images, videos, and other assets like .JS or .CSS files — is published exclusively using HTTPS instead of HTTP.

After you activate SSL certificates, you can use webmaster tools to update your domain's sitemap and reduce any drop in organic traffic that occurs when your storefront URLs change from HTTP to HTTPS.


The following top-level domains might be flagged by the certificate authority (Global Sign), and not eligible to receive an SSL certificate as a result: .af, .ao, .cu, .iq, .ir, .kp, .lr, .ly, .me, .rw, .rs, .sd, .sl, .so, .sy.

Browser compatibility

SSL certificates are compatible with all modern web browsers, but some older web browsers can't display content from webpages that are published using HTTPS. Customers who use a non-compatible web browser won't be able to view your storefront after you activate SSL certificates. Non-compatible web browsers and platforms include:

  • Microsoft IE6 and lower
  • any version of Microsoft IE on Windows XP
  • any version of Android lower than Honeycomb (3.x).

You'll be notified if a significant number of your store's visitors are using non-compatible web browsers, and you can choose to activate SSL certificates or not. If a large number of your store's visitors are using non-compatible browsers, then you won't be able to enable SSL automatically in your Shopify admin. For more information, contact Shopify support.

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