Abandoned checkouts

Not everybody who adds something to a cart makes it all the way through to purchase a product. When a potential customer provides their contact information but doesn't complete the order, we store that as an abandoned checkout.


Shopify only stores the information that is provided by the customer during checkout, and doesn't automatically create a customer account.


If customers add items to their cart but leave before checking out, then Shopify doesn't store their information. Discount codes, exit offers, and security badges are some of the ways you can keep customers from abandoning their carts.

Review your abandoned checkouts

You can review your abandoned checkouts to find patterns that might suggest why customers aren't completing orders.

To view your abandoned checkouts, from your Shopify admin, click Orders, then click Abandoned checkouts.

Your abandoned checkouts appear on this page:

Abandoned orders 1


You can also export your abandoned checkouts like you would export your regular orders.

You can manually send an email with a permalink, also referred to as permanent link, to a customer's abandoned cart so that they can quickly and easily complete their checkout if they choose.

  1. From your Shopify admin, click Orders, then click Abandoned checkouts.

  2. Click the order number for the order you want to recover.

  3. Copy the link to include it in an email you will send on your own, or click Send a cart recovery email to send one automatically.

  4. Optionally, you can enter a custom message and click the box beside each email address you want to send a copy to:

    Abandoned checkout custom message

  5. Click Review email.

  6. Review your email and click Send notification, or click Back to make any changes.

The Recovery Status on the Abandoned Checkout page will only update to show as recovered if the customer completes their order using that link.


Abandoned checkout recovery is only available on the Shopify or Advanced Shopify plan. If you are on the Basic Shopify plan, there are several apps available in the Shopify App Store that you can use to help reduce abandoned checkouts.

You can automatically send an email to customers after they have abandoned their checkout. Each email contains a permalink, also referred to as a permanent link, to a customer's abandoned checkout – the cart page with their products already added – so that they can quickly and easily complete their checkout if they so choose.

Under certain circumstances, we might not send out a recovery email for an abandoned checkout:

  • If a potential customer creates more than one abandoned checkout in a row, then only one email will be sent to that potential customer.
  • If a potential customer creates one or more abandoned checkouts and then completes a sale before the recovery email gets sent, then the email won't be sent.
  • If a payment processing error occurred when the customer tried to complete their checkout, then the email won't be sent.
  • If your shop does not support shipping to the customers address, then the email won't be sent.
  • If none of the products in the checkout are available for purchase (empty inventory, for example), then the email won't be sent.
  • If all the products in the checkout are free, and the customer does not visit the shipping page to add a shipping fee or the shipping fee is also free, then the email won't be sent.

If you have configured your shop to automatically send recovery emails, the Abandoned checkouts page will contain tooltips explaining why recovery emails were not delivered.

To enable automatic abandoned checkout recovery emails:

  1. In the Order processing section, under the If the customer abandons their checkout heading, select the number of hours that Shopify should wait before sending the abandoned checkout email:

    • Never (default). You can still manually send an email to customers.
    • 1 hour later (recommended).
    • 6 hours later.
    • 10 hours later (recommended).
    • 24 hours later.
    Abandoned checkout options
  2. Click Save.


Why are these time intervals the only options? We reviewed how often people completed orders on their own after abandoning a checkout and found that customers are most likely to return and check out after one of these amounts of time, especially 1 hour later or 10 hours later. We chose these times to maximize the number of recovered checkouts for your store.

You can review the status of each abandoned order email by going to Orders and then clicking Abandoned checkouts. The status of each recovery email is found under the Email status column. The status of the abandoned checkout can be found under Recovery status.

Abandoned orders 1

After an email gets sent, the checkout will only be considered recovered if the customer clicks on that link and completes the checkout. If a customer completes an order by returning to the website, without using a checkout recovery URL, then it won't be marked as recovered.


A great way to entice customers to complete their checkout is to offer them a discount.

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