Managing your orders

Besides fulfilling orders and taking payment, you might want to tag open orders, add notes to them, review the order's Timeline, or follow up with the customer.

View an order's Timeline

You can view the detailed history and write notes and comments for orders in the Timeline section of the order details page. Timeline also allows you to communicate with staff members, attach files to an order, and link to other products, orders, and customers within an order.

To view an order's Timeline:

  1. From your Shopify admin, click Orders (or press G O):


  2. Click the order whose Timline you want to view.

  3. On the order details page, scroll to the Timeline section:

    Order timeline overview


All notes and comments are internal and will not be visible to your customers.

Add tags or notes, or edit an order

You can update information associated with an order from the Orders page of your admin:

  1. From your Shopify admin, click Orders (or press G O):


  2. Click the number of the order you want to update.

You can make the following changes:

Edit customer information

To edit a customer's shipping address or email address:

  1. Click Edit next to the customer information on the order screen:

    Order screen 2

  2. Make any required changes.

  3. After you're done, click Save or Apply changes.


An order's billing address, line items, or order total cannot be modified. You can only fulfill part of an order or partially refund an order if the customer changes their mind.

Attach an internal note to an order

You can add a notes, comments, or special instructions to your order using Timeline.

Attach an internal order tag

If you have custom workflows beyond "captured", "paid", and "fulfilled", order tags will help store owners manage other states that an order could be in, like "packed", "returned", or whatever they choose.

Once an order is tagged, the orders can be filtered on the tag and a saved search can be set up to access those orders.

To attach a tag to an order:

  1. From your Shopify admin, click Orders (or press G O):


  2. From the Orders page, click the order number you want to attach a tag to.

  3. In the Tags text box, enter the tags and separate each with a comma. Existing tags will appear below the text box.

    Orders add tags


    Order tags are limited to 40 characters (letters and numbers) per tag.

  4. If you're adding the same tag to many orders, then you can Add existing tags below the text box.

  5. Click Save.


If you've created an order tag in the past that exceeds 40 characters, then you won't be able to add it again to another order.

Contact a customer about an order

If you need to get in touch with a customer about an order they've placed, then it's easy to do so right from your store admin.

To contact a customer about an order:

  1. From your Shopify admin, click Orders (or press G O):


  2. From the Orders page, click the order number from the customer you want to contact.

  3. In the Customer section, click the customer's email address:

    Orders contact customer

  4. In the Contact customer dialog, enter the message you want to send:

    Orders customer email dialog

  5. If you want to send a copy of your message to another email address, click the box beside the address of your choice.

  6. Click Confirm before sending:

    Orders customer email dialog2

  7. Review your email and click Send notification, or click Back to make any changes.

Resend an email about an order to a customer

To resend an email about an order:

  1. Click the order number on the Orders page.

  2. In the Timeline section, click Resend email under the email you want to send again:

    Order resend email

  3. In the Resend order confirmation? dialog, click Send.

Subscribe to your orders feed

You can track your store's orders using its RSS feed.

Your orders feed URL is:

You can find your store's orders feed on the /admin/feed page in your Shopify admin.


This is a protected feed. It requires authentication to be read.

What you can use:

Mac users

PC users

View the order status page of an order

When your customers complete a checkout, they're given a URL to the order status page, which is the final page of the checkout process.

They can track the status of their order on this page, and might contact you if they have questions about their order.

You can access the page that they see from your Shopify admin.

Learn more about the order status page ›

To view the order status page of an order:

  1. From your Shopify admin, click Orders (or press G O):


  2. Use the search box to find your customer's order. You can search for the order if you have any of the following information:

    • order number
    • customer name
    • customer email address.
  3. Click the order's number to view its details.

  4. Click the ... menu, then click View order status page:

    View order status page
    You will be redirected to the same order status page that your customer can view.

Archive a fulfilled order

When you fulfill an order, you can archive it to remove it from the list of open orders. Archiving allows you to keep track of your open orders that have not yet been completed, and to make sure that you have an accurate count of open orders in your store's admin.

To see a complete list of your archived orders, you can apply a filter to your orders list.


Archiving an order is not the same as canceling an order.

If you would like all your orders to be automatically archived after they have been fulfilled, you can enable this option under the Order Processing section in the Checkout tab of your admin.

To manually archive an order:

  1. From your Shopify admin, click Orders (or press G O):


  2. From the Orders page, click the number of the order you want to archive.

  3. Click the ... button.

  4. Click Archive to archive the order:

    Archive exposed menu

Your order will now be displayed as archived.

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