Selling from an online store

The most popular way to build a business on Shopify is with an online store — it's a great place to display your products, connect with your customers, and accept payments with a secure checkout.

After your store is set up, it's easy to sell your products elsewhere online by adding new sales channels in your Shopify admin.


Have a website that you want to turn into an online store? Try adding Shopify's Buy Buttons.

Online store: the basics

When you sign up for Shopify, you'll receive a unique .myshopify website address for your online store (Basic Shopify plan or higher). You can use a custom domain instead, if you want.

It's easy to change the way your store looks using the theme editor, and you can make bigger changes by customizing your themes.

Getting your online store up and running


If you're new to Shopify, learn how to get started.

After you've created your online store, you'll need to perform some essential tasks before launch:

  1. Add your products. By default, these are visible on all of your sales channels — not just your online store.

  2. Configure your online settings such as your store name and address, your trading currency, and your store meta description.

  3. Set up your shipping rates.


    Even if you won't be offering a shipping service, you must configure shipping locations so that your taxes will be calculated correctly.

  4. Configure your taxes.

  5. Get the look and feel you want by choosing and customizing a theme for your website.

  6. Decide what payment methods(/manual/sell-online/payment-methods) you want to offer, and configure them in your Payments settings. PayPal is available by default. The easiest way to accept independent payment by credit card is to enable Shopify Payments. You can configure a third-party payment gateway instead, if you want.

  7. Make sure you have a clear set of store policies on your website.


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Adding the online store channel

Stores that are on the Shopify Lite plan don't have access to the online store sales channel.

If you upgrade your store to the Basic Shopify plan or higher, then you can add the online store sales channel:

  1. From your Shopify admin, click the + button beside the Sales channels heading.
  2. On the Add sales channel dialog, find Online store within the list of available channels, and then click Learn more.

  3. Click Add channel.

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