Using theme styles

You can use the theme editor to apply different styles to your theme. By applying a theme style, you can quickly change the appearance of your store. Each theme style includes settings for the text and background colors, fonts, and font size for every page in your store.

When you install your theme, a theme style is automatically applied to your store. Some themes include one theme style, and some themes include multiple theme styles. You can reapply the default theme style at any time after changing options on the Theme settings tab in the theme editor.


Theme styles were previously called presets.

Changing the theme style

You can change the theme style applied to your theme:

  • If your theme has one theme style, then you can apply that theme style to restore the style defaults.
  • If your theme has more than one theme style, then you can choose which theme style to apply to your theme.

  1. Find the theme you want to edit and click the Customize button for the theme.

  2. In the sidebar menu, click Theme settings.

  3. Click Change theme style. If your theme includes more than one theme style, then they are listed in a column.

  4. Click a theme style to set all of your theme options to match the style.

    When you apply a theme style, you can see the changes to your theme in the theme preview section.

  5. Click Save to confirm the changes to your theme options.

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