Shopify Experts FAQ

Here are some common questions we get asked about Shopify Experts. Read on to see if your question is answered here.

What is a Shopify Expert?

  • A hand-selected Partner that has proven to have a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of Shopify.
  • A Shopify brand ambassador.
  • A member of an exclusive group trusted by Shopify merchants and employees alike.
  • They provide a layer of value-added services to merchants that help them become successful.

How do I become an Expert?

To become an Expert, you need:

  • A Shopify Partner Account.
  • Proven Shopify experience.
  • 5+ active stores in your partner account or your own theme/app.
  • The available bandwidth to take on multiple projects right away. It will get busy!
  • A Shopify-branded landing page on your business website with a Shopify logo or banner and youre referral link (found in your partner dashboard under Referrals).
  • The following requirements for each Expert category:
    • Design Show us that you’ve built a theme from the bottom up for five stores.
    • Setup Five store examples of basic store setup and theme modification.
    • Marketing Proven marketing campaigns implemented with 5+ Shopify clients. You must have the five stores affiliated.
    • Photography Show us your product focused photo portfolio and let us know which Shopify clients you’ve worked with before.
    • Development If you have created an app for the app store, or built proven custom integrations. Examples are a must.

What is the Expert approval process like?

  1. Fill in this form.
  2. The form needs to be filled out completely for it to be reviewed (ie: proper logo or professional head shot, 5+ portfolio images, full business description).
  3. Our Expert team will review your work.
  4. Our Expert team will respond if you have been approved and for which categories.
  5. Our Expert team will respond if you have not been approved, with next steps to have your application assessed again.

If you’re approved but have not yet met certain requirements, your Expert profile will remain unpublished until you fulfill those requirements. Here are the necessary requirements:

  • Access your Experts Admin here:
  • Confirm that your company logo or professional headshot is 220 x 220 pixels.
  • Confirm that your 4 screenshots (minimum) are all 1,200 x 1,200 pixels.
  • Add Shopify branding to your business site. Tell the world you are a Shopify Expert with these logos and Experts badges.

Once these four steps are completed, please contact your Partner Manager to let them know. They will then make your profile visible.

What will cause my Expert account to be unpublished after you’ve been listed?

  • Not responding to merchant inquires in a timely fashion or not at all. Even if you will not be taking on the project, you must respond to the email. See “How do I respond to a request I will turn down or not pursue?” below for more details.
  • Not having Shopify branding on your website.
  • Extended periods of inactivity within your partner account.
  • Refer to our partner terms for additional information.

What is required of an Expert?

  • Be a brand ambassador for Shopify.
  • Provide fast lead responses, regardless of whether you’re able to do the work or not.
  • Deliver top-quality work for the client on time.
  • Maintain open and honest communication with the client.
  • Leave the client feeling like they truly had a high value, positive experience.

How do I respond to a request I will turn down or not pursue?

Inform the merchant that you are not available for this type of project and recommend a fellow Shopify Expert (you can search the Experts Marketplace to find a suitable recommendation).

What is the best method to collect client project requirements and scope?

Some Experts have created project requirement forms that help speed up store setups. The form gives the merchant an idea of what content is required to get their store up and running. One example is the Shopify Content Delivery Toolkit.

What is an Expert testimonial?

An Expert testimonial is a testimonial from a recent Shopify client that directly influences your ranking among other Experts. Request a testimonial through your Expert Dashboard under the Testimonial tab. Enter the site URL and it will send a request to the store's account owner.

Where do I log in to my Expert account?

You can log in to your Expert account here.

How are Experts ranked?

Our ranking algorithm gives you a score based on the number of active referrals (fully launched live stores) under your account, the number of testimonials you have, and your geographic location in relation to the incoming request. Once you have more stores under your belt, your rank will get a bump. This will provide more leads through the Expert Marketplace.

How can I set myself as overbooked?

You can set yourself as overbooked from your Shopify Expert Dashboard at the bottom of the Account Details tab. When set to overbooked, you will not receive any requests.

Is there a badge I can share to let people know I’m an Expert?

Yes — your Expert badges can be found in your Expert Dashboard under the Resources tab.

How do I cancel my Expert account?

Log in to your Expert Dashboard and above the footer, select “Cancel My Account.”