Publishing products with the Google Shopping App

Shopify's Google Shopping app automatically publishes products that you make available to your Google Merchant Center. If you prefer to choose which products to publish, then you can sync a single collection manually.

Be aware that certain conditions can result in your products not publishing correctly to Google Merchant Center. For more information, see below.

After you publish your products on Google Merchant Center, use Google Ads to set up a paid Product Listing Ads campaign to list your products on Google Shopping.

Sync a product collection with Google Merchant Center

To sync a product collection with Google Merchant Center:

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Apps.

  2. Click the Google Shopping app logo to open it:

    Shopify store apps page with Google Shopping app highlighted

  3. Click Settings.

  4. In the Product selection section, choose a collection from the drop-down menu:

    Product selection settings

  5. Click Publish products.

Common issues when publishing product variants to Google Shopping

Some situations can result in your product variants not publishing on Google Shopping:

Duplicate data for each product variant

Google Merchant Center requires certain criteria for each of your product variants to list on Google Shopping.

Your product variants might not list on Google Shopping if:

  • The product has one or more variants that have different Prices.
  • The product has one or more variants that have different Colors, Patterns, or Materials.
  • Variants do not have unique images.

Google Shopping requires that product variants have unique landing pages and unique images. Shopify's Google Shopping app will try to publish each product variant that has a unique image, so make sure that each of your product variants' images conform to Google Shopping's requirements. If you try to publish images that don't conform to Google Shopping's requirements, then you risk suspension from your Google account.

Google support provides additional information listing the requirements for Google Shopping landing pages.

Currency symbols and codes

By default, currency symbols (such as $ and £) and currency codes (such as USD and GBP) are included in Shopify's currency formatting. As a result, you might see errors related to price when you try to publish variants to the Google Shopping app.

To prevent this problem, you can remove currency symbols and codes from Shopify's default formatting of the data that the Google Shopping app needs. After you do this, then you can edit your theme files to display the currency symbols and codes on your store.

To change the currency symbols and codes:

  1. In your Shopify admin, click Settings, and then click General.

  2. In the Standards and formats section, click Change formatting.

  3. Remove the currency symbols and currency codes from each of the fields under Currency formatting.

    For example, change

    ${{amount}} USD


  4. Click Save.

  5. Click Online Store, then click Themes.

  6. Click ..., and then select Edit HTML/CSS.

  7. Expand Sections.

  8. For both the product-template.liquid file and the collection-template.liquid file, manually add the currency symbol and currency code around each instance of {{ current_variant.compare_at_price | money }} and {{ current_variant.price | money }}.

    For example, change

    {{ current_variant.price | money }}


    $ {{ current_variant.price | money }} USD
  9. Click Save.

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