Adding standard metafield definitions

Standard definitions are automatically configured for you, and are designed to be universally compatible across Shopify. Because standard metafield definitions follow standards that are used across all Shopify stores, they are supported by apps, themes, and other parts of your store. Some examples of standard definitions include product rating, time and date, and related products.

Whenever possible, use a standard definition for your metafields. For more information, refer to Shopify standard metafields.

Using standard metafields with the Storefront API

If you want to allow custom storefronts to display your Metafields, then you can give access to the Storefront API when you create or edit a Metafield definition. You might want to give access to the Storefront API if you sell your Shopify products through a non-Shopify website, video game, or other custom shopping experience.

By default, values for standard metafields are accessible to custom storefronts. Learn more about using metafields with the Storefront API.

Add a standard definition

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Settings > Custom data.
  2. Select the part of your store that you want to add a metafield to. For example, Products.
  3. Click Add definition.
  4. In the Name field, enter a name for your definition, and then select the name of a matching standard definition from the list.
  5. Review the details of the standard definition.
  6. Optional: If the standard definition doesn't match your metafield, click Change, and then select a different definition.
  7. Optional: To prevent custom storefronts from displaying values for this metafield, deselect Storefronts.
  8. Optional: To allow for this defintion to display for automated collections, select Automated collections. This option is only available for product and variant metafields.
  9. Optional: To hide the metafield from the corresponding pages in your Shopify admin, click Definition pinned.
  10. Click Save.

Next steps after adding metafield definitions

After you add definitions for your metafields, you can do the following:

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