Metaobjects help you add and store additional structured information for your store. For example, you can store information for a product, such as features, specifications, and size charts. You can retrieve and edit the data that's stored in metaobjects from the Shopify admin. Apps can access metaobjects through the metaobject API. You can also access metaobjects in themes using Liquid and through the Storefront API. Learn more about metaobject API.

There are two key components to metaobjects:

  1. The definition: the group of fields that defines the object’s structure. This is managed in Settings > Custom data in your Shopify admin.
  2. Entries: the content or data for the metaobject. Entries are created and managed in Content > Metaobjects in your Shopify admin.

When you create a metaobject, you specify the following information:

  • the name, which is used to identify the metaobject in your Shopify admin
  • the type, which automatically generated and editable, and is used to identify the metaobject in the APIs
  • the fields, which define the type of content you want to display in the metaobject
    • Each field has a name, description, type, and validation rules such as character limits, minimum and maximum values, or preset values.
    • For example, you might add a field for text, a field for an image, and a field for color.

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