Bulk Account Inviter

You can use the Bulk Account Inviter app to invite your customers to activate their accounts for your online store. This app is useful after you have imported customer accounts from another platform or from another Shopify store.

The Bulk Account Inviter app works only with classic customer accounts. For more information about the differences between classic and new customer accounts, refer to Customer accounts.

Add CNAME records to connect the Shopify SPF and DKIM records to your third-party domain

You can help to ensure that your email message reaches your customer by connecting your third-party domain to the Shopify SPF and DKIM records. Connecting to these records prevents your email messages to your customers from being flagged as spam. It also removes the via Shopify note from the sender information, and displays your customer email address instead of no-reply@shopify.com in the sender field.

Learn more about connecting your third-party domain to the Shopify SPF and DKIM records.

Invite customers in bulk

You can invite customers in bulk by sending email notifications to a customer segment. Customers who already have accounts won't be sent an invite.


  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Apps > Bulk Account Inviter.
  2. From the Customer segment list, select the customer segment that you want to invite.
  3. Click Create Email.
  4. From the From list, select the email address that you want to use to send the invite. This is the email address that is displayed to your customers.
  5. Edit the content in the Subject field.
  6. In the Custom message field, add a message for your customers. If you leave this field blank, then the default message is sent to the customers.
  7. Optional: If you plan to send invites to multiple customer segments, then select the Don't send to customers already invited by this app checkbox to avoid sending customers appearing in multiple customer segments the same email more than one time.
  8. Click Review email to check your invite.
  9. Click Send email.

Depending on the number of customers that you invite, it can take some time for all the invites to be sent. Account invitations are valid for 30 days.

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