Customer accounts

Customer accounts let your customers log in to view their orders, profile information, and saved addresses. When a customer logs in, the details stored in their account are auto-filled during checkout for a faster checkout experience.

There are two versions of customer accounts: classic and new customer accounts. Both classic and new customer accounts are available to you and can be used by your customers. You can choose which version of customer accounts to use in your online store. If you choose to use new customer accounts, then most links to classic customer accounts will automatically redirect to new customer accounts. Learn more about switching to new customer accounts.

Review the following table to learn more about classic and new customers accounts:

Classic and new customer accounts comparison table
FeatureClassic customer accountsNew customer accounts
Login experienceCustomers can log in using an email and a password or sign in with Shop. Learn how to activate sign-in with Shop for classic customer accounts.Customers can log in using a one-time six-digit verification code that's sent to their email address, or sign in with Shop. Sign-in with Shop is automatically activated for new customer accounts on stores that offer Shop Pay as a payment method.
Account creationCustomers accept account invites or create a new account from the login page.Accounts are created when a customer logs in using an email address.
Customer nameCustomers can edit the name associated with the shipping address, which doesn't change the customer profile name in your admin.Customers can edit the customer profile name, and the change is reflected in their customer profile in your admin.
BrandingUses branding from your online store theme settings. Uses branding from your checkout settings, except on the login page.
Supports appsApp support is in developer preview, and will soon be available for merchant use.
Liquid customizations
Order history and status
Saved addresses
Saved payment methods
Supports B2B
Supports self-serve returns
Supports Multipass
Supports reordering

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